3 Days Tour


From RED PLANET EXPEDITION office, leaving at 11:00 am. in a Toyota land cruiser 4×4 drive you will see………..
The train’s graveyard to see the first locomotives in Bolivia. afterwards you go to the small village of Colchani (Salt miners workshop next to the salt flats) visit the factories and see the rustic way of table salt production…… after this you will be taken to the great salt flat of Uyuni (salar de Uyuni) where you first will see the salt mining and the piles of salt (pyramids of salt) after this you go to see the eyes of the salt ( big holes in the salt flat where the water from underneath of this death lake still comes out by high pressure) later you go straight to the hotel made out of salt (the only hotel allowed inside of the salt flats) where you take your time for pictures taking a look of the rooms, salt sculptures and the lobby of the hotel (Playa Blanca) and having Lunch in the same place…….. after lunch you will go forward to the central point of the salt which is the Inca Wasy island (fish island) where you see the giant cactus and the coral Rock formations ……… There will be always time to stop in the middle of the salt to see how big is it the unusual formations in the salt flat that look like   (hexagons and pentagons) on top of it……. And something that you definitely have to do here are the pictures with the huge perspective (where people looks so tiny and funny). After some fun you go west direction to the small Village of ATULCHA to spend the first night. Arriving in there you will enjoy some hot coffee or chocolate at the tee time and later a delicious supper for dinner.

 ACOMMODATION: (salt hotel – private toilets) 10bs extra for hot shower


This day starts at 7:00 am. Waking up for breakfast   and then get ready to begin   an amazing day (check out the rooms when packing up don’t leave anything).

The second day after 1 hour you left Atulcha villages you got to be in the small desert of Chiguana south side of Uyuni salt flat. This desert is surrounded for many volcanoes…like dormant ones, extinct ones and one Semi active called Ollague (5840 high) which you see from the lookout and enjoy the steam that still comes out from the top of it. Afterwards taking the way south direction you will get the Andean lagoons where flamingos are hanging around in hundreds   (along the year three spices of flamingos can be seen) after this nice landscapes, going farther south you will get the big desert of Siloli at 4550 high (highest and driest in the world)…ones you crossed this desert in the other side of it you will see the Rock tree (lava cooled- rock formation). Later that day the last stop will be in the amazing Red Lagoon to see some pink flamingos and the redness of the water from the view point. Afterwards the car will take you to the top of a big volcano called Sol de Mañana 5000 high where you get in to the crater and will see the fumaroles and boiling mad pots (volcanic activity 100 Cº hot)…after the volcano you go down the hill to our   shelter point (basic accommodation, big dorms for 5 or 6 people) to spend the second night (hot coffee, or chocolate at the tee time and a delicious supper) will be waiting for you when arriving there. We recommend after dinner in order to relax and drink a glass of wine in darkness watching the stars to go TO the hot springs we have 100 meters next to the shelter. Nice clean water 35 Cº hot so don’t forget you swimming suit for this.


This day starts around 6:00 am. Taking a good breakfast (some   pancakes, yogurt, milk, corn flakes etc……….) to get energy for the rest of the day. This day starts visiting first the Salvador Dali Desert (small colourful nice desert). And then forward to the Green Lake (toxic copper water at the foot of the big volcano Licancahur 6000 high) from green lake you take the way back to uyuni 7 hours ride. Stops in the way for legs stretching, toilets, and lunch. 6:00 pm. Around you will be back In uyuni


The company can also organize your transfer to San Pedro de Atacama from border line if you want to end the tour in Chile. The third day in the morning after you visit the Green Lake the car will take you to the border line which is 35 minutes far from the green lake. Once at the border the company staff will help you to swap in to a Bus. This bus will take to San Pedro from border (1 hour ride/ the bus ticket is included in the tour price) you will get San Pedro by 1:00 in the afternoon Chile time the third day of tour.

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