3 Days Private Tour with basic Hotel

From RED PLANET EXPEDITION office the tour  leaves at 10:30 am. In a Toyota land cruiser 4×4 drive.

Along the tour the first thing to visit is the trains graveyard, where you, ll see the first locomotives in Bolivia.  afterwards  you  go to the small village of Colchani (salt miners workshop next to the salt flats)  to see the  factories and the rustic  way of table salt production…… after this  you will be taken  to the  great  salt flat of Uyuni (salar de uyuni)  where  you first  will see  the salt mining and the piles of salt (pyramids of salt)  after this  you go to see the  eyes of the salt ( big holes in the salt flat where the water from underneath of this death lake still comes out  by  high pressure) later you  go straight  to the hotel made out  salt (the only hotel allowed inside of the salt flats)  where you take you time for pictures taking  a look of the rooms, salt sculptures and the lobby of the  hotel (Playa Blanca) and having  Lunch in the same place…….. after lunch you will  go  forward to the central point of the salt which is the  Inca Wasy  island (fish island)  where you  see the giant  cactus and the Rocks formations of Coral petrified ………

There will be always time to stop in the middle of  the salt to see the unusual formations in the salt flat that look like   (hexagons and pentagons) on the surface  of it…….

And some thing that you definitely have to do here are the pictures with the huge perspective (where people looks so tiny and funny). After some fun you go north way and get close to the big Volcano Thunupa  (5434 m.a.s.l.) to get some pictures from the distance… later you will return back to  Uyuni  to stay back in the town  at 6:30 pm.  After you enjoyed the most fantastic sunset in the big salar of Uyuni  (unique that big  over the world)

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